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Mischbar – We will make you healthy, lush and happy
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You would like to eat healthy at home?
Order your Mischbar food HERE!

You prefer to combine a walk at the fresh sunny air
with our vitamins?

Then you can preorder HERE your food and pick it up,
fresh and contactless.

Our Restaurants

Mischbar Hauptmarkt

In the middle of the oldtown you will find our Mischbar-headquarters.
The terrace next to the river Pegnitz and the glass-pavillion are beautiful and inviting.
Address: Plobenhofstr. 1 / Nuremberg

Mischbar Äußerer Laufer Platz

It is an institution in the ÄLP-neighborhood to find delicious and healthy food,
including our homemade icecream.
Address: Äußerer Laufer Platz 15 / Nuremberg

Mischbar Regensburg

Address: Gesandtenstr. 3-5 / Regensburg