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With us, your event will be a huge success,
whether if it is a business or private event.
Like our food and drinks in the restaurants all our caterings are freshly cooked and made with love. Besides our usual range you can choose any dish you like or we help you decide which delicious and healthy food you want to be served. Our long-term experience allows us to run caterings for up to 400 people.

Daily Delivery

Work in progress

Meeting & Events

You are planning an event and want to serve delicious food? We are your partner! We prepare all of our caterings fresh and with attention to detail. Our business size allows us to agree to your special requirements and offer you food and beverage ideas besides our usual standard. No matter if you want vegan or multicultural dishes or have special dietary requirements, we will create the perfect menu. Our long term experience allows us to cater events for up to 400 people.


We will make your children healthy, lush and happy. We, too, are parents of children in day care, because of that we set our standard to cater to your children very high. The meals in the care centers have to be nutritious and fresh, but also diversified and most importantly delicious. After all, that’s the base to the future diet of your children. We know that there isn’t always time to serve such healthy meals in families therefore we want to help you with this part. Responsible and with happiness about healthy nutrition.

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